Project Description

Gr. 10 Sistemi di raccordo e protezione


Gr. 10 muretto paracolpi

GR is a prefabricated modular wall bumpers ideal for connecting, with round corners, the walls of the processing rooms with the floor and give them a great degree of protection. It consists of a monolithic piece of resin obtained by casting in a mold and can also be installed over an existing floor without demolition works. The fixing is realized through the use of special glues and resins.

  • speed of assembly
  • remarkable aesthetic effect
  • resistance to knocks and wear
  • no difficult to clean corner
  • opportunities (on demand) of various colors
  • low price

On demand and for considerable quantities it’s possible to have the favourite colour.

Disegno Gr.10 a incasso
Disegno Gr.10 soprapiastrelle