In the meat processing sector the most important requirement to satisfy is a non-slippery floor, which could result in a less easily washable and durable surface. However this problem can be easily overcome by using the LARSTONE version of klinker, produced by LARIA. Even mechanical stresses (either permanent or accidental) can create problems; the correct elasticity of the footing-tile-resin allows the uniform distribution of loads as long as there is no movement between the base of the tile and the underlying concrete.

From the chemical point of view, chemical attack to the floor is not very strong if the concentration of oleic acid remains within the usual limits; when this does not occur the first phenomenon to appear is the emptying of the fissures. Here, MOMBRINI’s epoxy system has given excellent results. In the same way excellent results have been obtained from the study and realisation of mortadella ovens where the high temperature, the differences in temperature and the wall skirting with a radius of 25cm are problems which cannot be underestimated.